Samsung Galaxy S10+ – Unlocked

Phonecheck Certified


Our flagship refurbished phones look and feel like new, there's not a screen or body scratch in sight. All our phones have a minimum 80% battery.
In good condition, these refurbished phones have been loved and used more visibly. These devices are likely to have light but visible scratches on both body and screen. All our phones have a minimum 80% battery health.
In Very Good condition, these refurbished phones show little signs of previous use. If there are some micro-surface scratches on the back or screen, these won't be visible beyond 30cm. All our phones have a minimum 80% battery health.
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Charging Cable
  • Charging Plug
  • Sim Removal Pin
  • Secure Packaging

The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a top-notch smartphone that offers users exceptional features, seamless performance, and incredible aesthetics. At the heart of this device lies an impressive camera system that comprises multiple rear cameras and a front-facing lens. The 12 MP wide camera is perfect for capturing stunning landscapes, while the 12 MP telephoto with 2x optical zoom makes it easy to zoom in on distant subjects. Additionally, the 16 MP ultra-wide camera ensures that every shot is captured accurately and beautifully.

For selfie enthusiasts, the S10+ boasts a 10 MP front-facing sensor that captures breathtaking photos even in low-light conditions. Besides, the phone comes equipped with a depth sensor that produces beautiful blur effects on portrait shots.

Apart from its impressive camera specs, the Galaxy S10+ flaunts an exquisite Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O display that spans six-point-four inches. The display produces vibrant colours and high contrast ratios that enhance viewing experiences for streaming movies or playing games. Furthermore, the Gorilla Glass 6 screen provides scratch resistance and durability for users who want to keep their phone looking brand new.

In terms of security measures, the S10+ comes with various sensors such as a fingerprint sensor, geomagnetic sensor, hall sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor among others. This makes it a secure option for consumers who value peace of mind.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ Unlocked offers an extended uptime ranging from twelve to sixteen hours off the charger depending on usage patterns. This means users can go about their daily activities without worrying about running out of battery power.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ Unlocked is an excellent choice for consumers who expect uninterrupted performance combined with unmatched features and aesthetics making it ideal for everyday use. Its free twelve-month insurance policy coupled with its twelve-month warranty adds to its overall value proposition making it an excellent investment for smartphone buyers.

This device has passed the following tests via our 90-point PhoneCheck inspection by our tech expert engineers and is PhoneCheck Certified.

  • Battery Health
  • Battery Charge Cycles
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Power Button
  • Home Button
  • Volume Buttons
  • Loud Speaker
  • Secondary Microphone
  • Main Microphone
  • Earpiece
  • Headset Port
  • Cameras
  • Flashlight
  • Touch Screen
  • Network Connectivity
  • Sim Reader
  • Screen
  • Liquid Damage

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