Apple iPhone 14 Pro – Unlocked

Phonecheck Certified


Our flagship refurbished phones look and feel like new, there's not a screen or body scratch in sight. All our phones have a minimum 80% battery.
In good condition, these refurbished phones have been loved and used more visibly. These devices are likely to have light but visible scratches on both body and screen. All our phones have a minimum 80% battery health.
In Very Good condition, these refurbished phones show little signs of previous use. If there are some micro-surface scratches on the back or screen, these won't be visible beyond 30cm. All our phones have a minimum 80% battery health.
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Charging Cable
  • Charging Plug
  • Sim Removal Pin
  • Secure Packaging

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro – Unlocked is a mobile phone that offers various impressive features, making it a device worth considering. For starters, it comes equipped with an action mode that smooths handheld videos, ensuring that your videos come out looking professional and jitter-free.

The camera on this phone is nothing short of spectacular, boasting a 48MP main camera with an advanced quad-pixel sensor and a larger aperture. This ensures that you get clear, sharp images every time you take a photo.

Additionally, the device boasts up to 29 hours of video playback time, making it perfect for long trips or binge-watching sessions.

Another notable feature of this device is its charging capabilities. It comes with a Lightning connector and has a battery capacity of 3200mAh. It also supports fast charging and Apple wireless charging. This means you can charge your phone quickly and efficiently without having to deal with the hassle of cables.

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro – Refurbished also sports a 120Hz display, providing you with super-fast and smooth visuals. Its Apple A16 Bionic Chip Hexa Core Processor ensures that the device runs smoothly and efficiently at all times.

When it comes to storage, this phone has ample space to store all your files thanks to its internal storage capabilities and memory card support.

One of the most impressive features of this device is its amazing all-day battery life, which ensures that you don’t have to worry about running out of juice during the day. Its 6.1-inch screen size provides ample real estate for watching videos or browsing the web.

This device has passed the following tests via our 90-point PhoneCheck inspection by our tech expert engineers and is PhoneCheck Certified.

  • Battery Health
  • Battery Charge Cycles
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Power Button
  • Home Button
  • Volume Buttons
  • Loud Speaker
  • Secondary Microphone
  • Main Microphone
  • Earpiece
  • Headset Port
  • Cameras
  • Flashlight
  • Touch Screen
  • Network Connectivity
  • Sim Reader
  • Screen
  • Liquid Damage

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